An Ever Lasting Treasure

the art spirit cover

“The Art Spirit” By Robert Henri

Mi Gente!

One of the most influential things in my life happens to be a book that I only got my hands on about 5 or 6 years ago if I remember correctly…

This book has shaped the way I view life and art. It was a book that was hyped up to me, kinda like I’m doing now, and was a rare time where the expectation was met, and met with great joy at that.

I have joked before that you could open this book to any page…and I mean ANY page and find something inspiring and thoughtful. However, the truth is…that’s not a joke. I’ve done it multiple times and oddly every time I have done it, and thought to myself “This will be the time where I’ve been proven wrong,” the “joke” has proven to stay true.

How about I do just that…put it to the test yet again.

Okay, so I used a d20 script that rolls a digital dice of your choosing so I had it roll 1 that was 271 sided – the number of pages in the book- [yes I’m a Dungeons and Dragons type of nerd and damn proud of it!!] 

…and it rolled: 37

“…you as students should devote yourselves to the power of simple expressions, to do all that can be done and learn how much can be said with the simpler and more fundamental terms.” -Robert Henri Pg 37:1

C’mon are you for REAL!? A totally random page and the first paragraph has a great lesson!?!

My people, I don’t often hype up something unless I truly believe that it is something worth that type of energy…all these years later this book still plays a pivotal roll in my art enlightenment and all I can say is I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING YOUR HANDS ON THIS BOOK AS A CREATIVE!

Yes, if you feel you are a creative person in any which way I believe this book will help you. Whether you are a “veteran” or a “student” this book is quite the treasure.

That’s all for now..

Til Next Time, Peace Be With You!