TLDR: Webcomic about a charming young lady Named Franqui Shore, her dreams,her qookie friends [including talking animals…!] and surviving the crazy Sci-fi/fantasy alternate reality universe they inhabit…coming out later this month!

Mi gente! [That means “My People” in Spanish one of the FEW phrases I know, haha :/ ]

My name is Nelson V. Carrasquillo and I am happy and proud to announce that I will soon be putting my passion project and, well, my obsession  of a comic I call “Franqui ‘n’ Friends” right here on this very spot…well not this spot exactly because this is where the promo is…bah, you catch my drift!

Anywho, this has been a long time coming. I have set off on this journey 2 times before…once publicly, haha. [That one was called The Franqui Shore Sequentials…yeah long title I KNOW.] But it didn’t feel right.

I pushed it through on the back of the advice of “just do it and get it somewhere later,” which can be sound advice at times. However, her story, her world, her surrounding etc just weren’t as fleshed out as they needed to be for an actual start and I rushed it, so I “failed.”

Presently, I feel like my art ability is okay enough to present in this form. I know I will need to grow as a creator, storyteller, visual developer etc, but I’m more ready now then I was then.

I have created a world which I think is interesting enough to grab your attention and I present to you a character that I hope will be as lovable and charming as she is in my head!

My dream schedule will be Two Comic Strip updates a week [Tuesdays and Thursdays] with a special one on Sunday.

BUT we will start with Two Updates A Week for now and move on from there.

Come along this crazy journey with me, why do ‘cha?

More to come on the strip later this month. As always Thank you very much for looking, Peace Be With You All!


P.S. I will do a post explaining format, actual scheduling and what I mean by “Special one on Sunday…”

I’m doing this for the passion! Follow along, if you like, when it starts to get-a-rollin’!