Character study – Thrakos

Mi Gente!

I have been filling my days of late with weaving words and forming worlds…that is to say I have been doing a lot of writing and IP building, haha.

However, I have also been leveling up my Nerdiness by running a D&D session [my first time ever being a “DM”] with some friends. This, I have found, has helped me with tapping back into my creative writing mindset – I have always loved writing stories and drawing them out ever since I was a kid, it was freeing and was/is my purest self-expression.

The “simple” act of structured make believe has led me to approach my own created worlds with a checks and balance understanding I haven’t had before. Since there are rules to the game that balances conflict and character I have seen the flaws for which I hadn’t seen before in my old approach of IP creation.

“What makes a compelling story and conflict?” Has always had a place in my mind when I tackled writing, but seeing as I only had myself to bounce that question off of I would often give myself extra rope. I would grasp at whatever knowledge I could get from other sources, unwittingly getting only a minute portion of the wisdom and repeating the same tropes I didn’t know were there. I would create cool enough stories but rarely satisfying ones…for me that is to say. The combination of my search and the action of being a game master seems to have altered my vision in a positive way.

With telling a story that not only involves myself but characters that were created by others, and allowing those people to control those characters with their own imagination and creativity, I feel that I have exercised my own creativity in a way I hadn’t quite done before. Coming up with a cool solution to a player’s reaction [which you didn’t think of yourself] is a fun thing to do and can be, in my humble opinion, a great way to build one’s own story telling.

I will stop my exposition there seeing as this is probably too many words already, haha. I will close with this though…

It is quite satisfying to create a story with the goal to entertain others and instantly getting the feedback of “That was awesome, I had a lot of fun.” along with some constructive criticism, and I urge those who have a story to tell to try their hand at something like this. 

Thanks for looking!