Exposure Time!

Mi gente! Long time ago, on a blog, not so far away…I used to doa thing called Exposure Tuesday, which then turned into “Exposure
Time” cause…ya know…Tuesday didn’t always lend inspiration.

Well, I want to bring it back…at least one more time!

Let’s take a look at my brother from another mother, Terrell

There are those who say that hard work deserves reward. I agree
with those folks! To me Terrell has been the champion of sacrifice
for your passion and do hard work, he has tirelessly continued to
grow and improve his skill for the craft he loves.

Most recently, my friend has gone H.A.M. [kids still say that
right? That’s still a popular acronym?]
and decided to venture
off into the awesome world of self publishing.


[He needs our support! Show some love for this Kickstarter project]

Here’s the link: Modern Pinups by Terrell Turner

I’ve seen this man grow, and struggle, never giving up, never wavering on his path. He is steadfast and has been a perpetuater [wait is that a word? It is now!] of positivity! So with this latest endeavor of his he has my full support! I mean…
Look at this beauty!


Never have the words “I give up, I should have never done this,” have been heard, by me, out of his mouth. So in honor of his inspirational stalwart love of art and his bright future, I urge you all to help support the man and put whatever you can into his baby.


[no I don’t mean the image is his baby, I’m talking about the
Modern Pinups artbook!]

Let us show that hard work pays off . Who can say no to this face!


[Okay so maybe I should of used a different image, he looks like he just sneaked a fry from your plate and is trying to convince you that you never had that fry in the first place…but still!]

I  wholeheartedly believe in what he is going to accomplish which is why I support him, please reblog, pledge, spread the word best you can and help the WebHeadedArtist [That’s his internet handle y’all!] out!

Still not convinced here’s a look at his pitch video,

I’m just gonna leave this here: Click here for the Modern Pinup Art book

Thanks for looking, and ‘till next time…take care.