No for real my art friends don’t be such a hermit…

Mi Gente!

As artist we must realize that we often are the eyes to the world as it is. We are the reporters of true nature, of the soul of others, of feelings that are hidden inside of us…too frequently do we focus on that last part, the part that begets solitude.

I feel it of utmost importance to allow ourselves to be more than just an island.

Don’t get me wrong I am an introvert myself, albeit not an extreme one –and this viewpoint will be coming from that perspective–and I know how hard it can be to put ourselves out there but at the very least be a person who goes and sees the world around them. Get inspired by nature, dissect the action of animals and humans…and have fun knowing you are apart of an elite, yet all inclusive, club known as Creatives.

For so long I disallowed myself to do anything but stay put and do work…but that creates imbalance…and bad health…and bad posture! These things can be a detriment to your creativity. I know it has with mine, I thought I was fine but truly I wasn’t.

I kind of started to forget how humans act and how things looked…that’s no good for a visual storyteller/Cartoonist!

Go on outside adventures my friends…it’s good for your health and in-turn good for your art. And that’s what we’re all about right? Doing what good for our art?

Thems my thoughts! What are yours?

Till Next Time. Peace Be With You Always!