“Haven’t you ever had that time in your life that you wish you were bigger than you actually are…that moment when the bully is pummeling a poor kid whose parents couldn’t afford new clothes? Times where YOU, yourself, were getting cruelly beaten on? Those abhorrent moments where you see humanity crumbling under the thumb of oppressors that deem themselves above all else? I do…but I am not big…I am just me. I’m Just Franqui Shore…so I created HER…I created her world…where she can stand up and defend all those who I cannot. I created her in hopes that one day I can manifest the courage, in real life, to fight the injustice…” – Franqui on her character “Borikana.”

Mi Gente!

Getting into some story right there! I know I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat…I LOVE doing character design, hah. Especially for my own projects. it goes in REVERSE chronological order, the first image being the final product and the last image being the initial concept flesh outs 

AS for that Franqui quote: This happens to be a bit meta but here’s Franqui’s original character Borikana. The Dream-sona if you will. the hero she creates in every RPG that lets her, the Cosplay she does when she gets the chance…the hero she hopes to one day be…

Thanks for looking! 

Franqui Shore/Borikana © Nelson V. Carrasquillo