Hola folks! Here is the full shot of cover A to the next The Franqui Shore Show. The next installment of TFSS will be an 8-pg mini comic. One word description? Inspiration. Which is why I chose to do the first cover with inspiration from the great Erik Jones’ latest series of paintings (guys if you haven’t seen them do yourself a favor and admire them by following his Instagram (at)erikjonesart, I’m not trying to bug him with my chicken scratchets hence the way I “tagged” him,) I was too inspired not to pay tribute to him! I will probably do a more in-depth of my mentality of it all, or I just might let y’all figure it out 😛 thank you very much for looking! #art #cover #illustration #franqui #franquishore #comic #indiecomic #pinup #inspiration #homage