Hopping on that Motion Portrait Hype. Here’s one of my all time favorite Franqui Shore pieces brought to “life”…it’s the closest we will get to a Franqui animation…for now!

I tried over and over again to get this to work just on my phone but the app would crash it, haha. So I had to resort to emailing it then editing out a weird sound on the computer then posting it here…I KNOW, I KNOW “Cool Story Bro,” but I just couldn’t help myself…I will one day make Franqui Shore an Animated Short [at least!] even just to satisfy my own hunger for it, haha.

It’s quite a thing to see one of your creations come to life, albeit on a small scale. Something so little…so stupid in the the grand scheme of it all just means so much to me. I guess I have no choice but to pursue it huh?

What do you guy’s think? Am I nuts or am I NUTS?