I had fallen into the habit of saving any color I do for digital. It was safe, and secure…but now that has changed. I am no longer afraid of just slappin’ on some color for the sake of finding out what the heck would happen! So here are some “painted ladies” for ya. ha ha. 

  1. “Colorful Clara” – When I’m bored I find that sometimes turning to my friends Facebook default pics can help me get the funk out! Thanks Clara!

  2. “Painted Lady” [Miranda] – All the tones I saw in her skin I put on this piece except not blended!

  3. “Technicolor Samurai” – Wish I could say I made all of the colors up but that’s actually just an exercise to see how Warm Copic Markers would look like with Gouache. Nicki Minaj is colorful all on her own.   

EDIT Forgive the blurriness I was using my mobile device and they looked better when they were on a smaller screen, haha! I’ll upload better ones soon.