It Never Comes Easy…

For me at least…for shame!

Mi Gente!

My art journey so far has been one fraught with lots of “learn some” moments. I believe that to be on me and how I have not had quite the clearest of vision of how I want to approach my art career…folks, I want to do it ALL!

But uhh…I’m just one man and I ain’t good enough yet to do it all on my own.

The lack of focus is perhaps my biggest down fall for not quite reaching goals in a certain amount of time or in a certain manner. This, I feel, is something that plagues more people than just me…I’ve seen it before and still do in the younger generation of artist I have encountered. I have become better at realigning myself and my focus as I’ve traveled through this artist life…and I want to share that.

I’m about to get to the point here…bare with me I’m a showman dang nabbit! Or is it that I like to write long posts?

With all that in mind I have decided to name my Podcast series “This Artist’s Journey” to signify both my own personal journey but that of other artist I will be honored to meet and talk with.

This podcast will be more like an afternoon sit down with a few of your best buddies where you talk about the latest things you’ve learned and how we are all approaching the wisdoms of those who are where we want to be.

In essence what I’m saying is this podcast is not about the person who has made it big…it’s about the rest of the folks grinding to get there. It will be in real time and raw and a place where folks can go to try to better understand what others are doing and how to apply it themselves…

I am working on the podcast now and will update you all soon! What I can tell you now is that is will be available in multiple places as well as on my Justifiable Concepts Youtube once that gets relaunched. I envision these podcasts to be no more than an hour or so…but who knows if that will ACTUALLY be the case, ha!

Don’t fret, however,  I will break it up on Youtube into appropriate chunks for easy listening consumption.

Hmm that last line makes me think I’m hungry. Oh wait, I am…time to say bye bye!

So, Till Next Time…Peace Be With You, Always!