Oh Where, Oh Where…

Sketch collection 1 – Images © Nelson V. Carrasquillo

…Have I been?

It sure has been quite some time since I sat down and really gave the ol’ site the attention that it deserves, my people! The journey of my site so far has not been reminiscent the vision I had once put down for it.

That is my fault…

With the help of my Great friend Grayson [ Visit AtelierAbbey.org ] I embarked on creating my own space unattached to a previous platform like my Tumblr blog. I sought to find a space that was not only uniquely me, but poised to beget the lofty goals I had in my heart and in my mind.


Franqui’s Sun Dress, Marker and Ink. © Nelson V. Carrasquillo

Along with Grayson’s tutelage I had customized this site to both reflect my tastes and my personality at that time of its creation. With that said, I still have big dreams and still want this site to be the bastion of those dreams…but my wisdom and tastes have evolved from the first time I created this page.

In other words I am doing an overhaul of the Justifiable Concepts site…it will be sleeker and brighter and more of a place for my thoughts and art to call home. It will be a better place to house my vision.

Currently, July of 2017, I have decided to re-embarked on my previous creative loves of making YouTube Videos and Podcasts.

It really does seem like I cannot escape this immediate urge to be creative. Anything else I do in life just seems to fall woefully short and well…I can’t ignore the calling, nor do I want to.


#Mermay2017 prompts © Nelson V. Carrasquillo

I could go on and on about my plans, but to tell you the truth, my dear peoples…however, I don’t want to go on and on at this point!

Why? Simple, I don’t want the flame to fizzle and don’t want to lose my way to some false gratification begotten from stating intention without executing it.

I won’t be successful with reaching my goals with such a thing.

I will be sacrificing more, and in a productive way, to breath life into my dreams and to truly utilize my talents…I just hope you all are willing to come a long for the ride!

Blue Petunia – © Nelson V. Carrasquillo

Please Keep an eye on this space for more Art and Creativity related content, as well as my thoughts on my art journey…This Artist’s Journey.

Peace Be With You Always,