Post Injury Franqui Sketch

Mi Gente!

When it comes down to it my art is my main passion but at the moment that passion doesn’t quite pay all the bills so I, like many other creative folks, Have another job that gives me a little money to survive.

But where I work I have to handle broken glass and well it just so happen that while safely handling broken glass [to the extent that they provide at the job] that glass decided to be a rebel and puncture through my protective gloves and through my right thumb…


Yes, my dear people, I had injured the tool that gave me the most satisfaction…no not that type of satisfaction…you little nasties! [jk] I will admit…it scared me quite a lot.

Thankfully, however, the injury didn’t affect any nerve [that I know of that is] but the injury set me back quite a bit with my mission to create! I couldn’t bend nor hold a pen/pencil for long periods of time…

But, alas, fear not friends! I have made quite the recovery and was able to sketch with absolutely no pain for the first time since around the beginning for July.

That’s what those pics up top are from…

To make a long story short…even when you take precautions sometimes accidents happen. As artists who are working on their dream to be independent and create their own path we must be careful how we approach our other prospects in life for it can take away our prized ability of self expression as we’ve known it.

I thank God that it wasn’t any worse, but I also feel like it was quite the set back…time will tell the true outcome.

Till Next Time, Peace Be With You Always!