Purchase the E-Zine On Gumroad Here!

For just $2 you’ll get this High Quality e-zine with 40+ pages of art. Some exclusive to the book and others some favorites from the past like you’ve never seen them before, super high quality!

I’ve updated it If you’re feeling generous and want to pay more you will be getting free one-of-a-kind art with your purchase! visit the link to see all the details but I can tell you now it will range from Head Sketches all the way to Full Illustrations!

Please share! At the end of this month I’ll choose 3 people out of those who reblogged/shared the link to get a FREE Digitally Colored Pinup! Even if there is only three people who reblogged/shared, haha. Hey there’s nothing to lose!

Thanks for looking and sharing! I super stoked for this project.

UPDATE: Pay with Paypal here!