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Mi Gente!In this Episode of Swift Pixels I show the first step on my latest concept design iteration of the original mascot of my website, Mirafauxz, in Adobe Photoshop. As well as go over a little history on the name of Justifiable Concepts.

Hope you enjoy my little storytime and speed paint…if you wanna ...[ Read More ]


Hello, Mi Gente!Doing a lil’ somethin’ different today, ya know I’m gonna be examining all of the wacky ideas I get for videos, currently, until I find I’ve run out…then I’ll try to fine tune it all, wait where was I going with this again?Oh, Here’s a video I call “Slow Jam,” simply ...[ Read More ]


Say Whaaaaaa?

Mi Gente, I’ve finally stopped procrastinating nit picking my video and trying to make it uber flashy above the means for which I understand currently and Posted it up on the Justifiable Concepts Youtube Channel!

Check it out!

Thanks for looking and hey any comments and likes would be appreciated. Let’s start something ...[ Read More ]