Oh Where, Oh Where…

…Have I been?

It sure has been quite some time since I sat down and really gave the ol’ site the attention that it deserves, my people! The journey of my site so far has not been reminiscent the vision I had once put down for it.

That is my fault…

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Franqui Evolution & 1st site Post!


2014-2015, ft. Merida!



What is up Mi Gente!

I wanted to start off the first Blog posting on my new site with a little bit of an art evolution of yours truly! This time around we visit my longest running creation Franqui Shore!

I always envisioned Franqui to be a girl who isn’t the typical body shape, one ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Some of the stuff I’ve been up to:

1st a Pilot concept for a comic i’m helping with and 2nd a re-imagining of an old character I made up, once called Tinkerer, for a hearthstone contest way back when. She goes by Tink now. 

Okay back to it! Hope all is well with y’all!

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So aside from commission work, Street Fighter V consumes my life. Haha. Soon it will be Overwatch and SFV so keep a eye out for some fan art of Overwatch too!

If you’re interested in Commissions please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me!

Thanks for looking!

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Y’all know I have a plentiful amount of respect for Jake Parker and he is one of the most useful instructor/motivational speakers in the art community today. I can’t help but share the videos that strike a cord so here is- In the words of a wise man, “Another one.”

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#SFV #Cammy Sketchy Sketch. Mi gente…I’m obsessed with Street Fighter V! If I aint drawing I’m playing that game.

Thanks for looking! #StreetFighterV #capcom #art #pinupart #fanart #gameart #artistoninstagram #killerbee #sketch #justifiableconcepts #graphite #pencildrawing #traditionalart #independentartist

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Keeping with Mythic Anthro theme here’s a #MountainGoat #anthropomorphic lady.

Thanks for looking Mi Gente!

#sketch #pinupart #traditionalart #pencildrawing #pinup #anthro #stylized #cartoonist #independentartist #art #fun #mythicalcreature #creature #characterdesign

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Welp, just gonna call this one done, Mi Gente.

On to the next one, gonna practice this colorizing method more.

Thanks for looking!

Oh and:


I Would Love To Work With You!

Click Here for Commission Info!

Find me here:

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Art Tips – How to add colors to a grayscale painting

Art Tips – How to add colors to a grayscale painting

Mi Gente!

If you have about an hour and are looking for a cool way to colorize your digital painting in Photoshop, check out Artgerm’s Video!! 

Well Worth it, I learned something new!



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