“Discendo Discimus 01″

Mi Gente!

Here’s a Warm up piece. Hope you’re havin an awesome day!

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Commissions are OPEN, Mi Gente!

I Would Love To Work With You!

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[Living on] A Lonely Island

“In the heart of the city. I live on a Lonely Island, there isn’t any hope for me.”

another one of those figure studies turned into piece type of thangs!

Both Dressed and NSFW versions here.

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Mi Gente!This a tonal version of a gift for mi hermano de alma, Terrell. Happy Birthday man!

He gets the full color version cause ya know it’s his gift dang gummit! However, I enjoyed this so much I wanted to share at least this version of it with yall. 

Thanks for looking!

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Mi Gente! My 1st #traditionalart piece of #2016 (been doin my digital thang thanks to my comic) where I turned @laneydegrasse into a #mermaid just for the halibut (<< ha, get it? Fish jokes cause of the sea being? No? Ok I go to sleep now)

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finally, some new art! things have been so busy! i’ve been working hard on the upcoming artbook, creating exclusive art (it contains 7 new digital paintings, a bunch of rough work and 20 pages of tutorial material created just for the book!). next to that i had some client work to do, so it’s been a while ...[ Read More ]


Franqui ‘n’ Friends Vol: 01 Cover

Mi Gente!

In 2 days time the FnF Prologue will be released!

See ya then!

She’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she cooommeesss…wait that’s no mountain…that’s like a tree or something.

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