Mi Gente!

I need more of Marvel’s Agent Carter in my life! haha. I’m digging the Mini series a lot. We need more Bad A$$ leading women in my opinion.

I thought it would be fun to try my hand at a “The Animated Series” stylization. It was a lot of fun figuring out how to¬† do ...[ Read More ]

Oye my people! Here is part of the exercise I did yesterday, same idea as the last Franqui sketch but bigger. This is done on comic book board. I will be coloring this digitally and will be recording my process. #Franqui #pinup #originalcharacter #Art #illustration #cartoon #pencil #futurevideo #brunette #artistonig #artistontumblr

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To say I love #LoK is an understatement! Quick head sketch of #Korra. I’m trying to makeup for those few days of not posting work. Thanks for looking. #fanart #Nickelodeon #cartoon #sketch

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Lets continue with the #fanart mi gente! Here’s Tina Belcher from #BobsBurger in my “style.” Just fixed my Wacom pen so gonna go back to doing the cover to the next “The Franqui Shore Show.” Thanks for looking! #cartoon #tina #belcher #fox #sketch #pencil #ehhhhhh

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– The Franqui Shore Show Season 1 Cover mock up. – Hey guys just wanted to do a little update. #Franqui ’s comic strip, AKA The Franqui Shore Show, will have a quarterly cover throughout the year. My goal is to approach these not just as cool graphic images of Franqui but also as a ...[ Read More ]

Not the best pic of it but I guess it’s too big for a strait up shot…anywho, I got some new @copicmarker skin colors and other colors and just couldn’t help but dig into another Franqui portrait. Continuing with her cosplay spirit here she is as Snow White. This was quite fun. I was able ...[ Read More ]