character illustration

“Franqui Reads Comics”

Mi Gente!

Here’s the process and final of Franqui Reading a comic…I sure miss the smell of a fresh new comic in my hands. Digital is nice, but nothing beats the classic in my opinion. 

Based on a vintage photo of the lovely Liz Taylor

Thanks for looking!

Franqui Shore © Nelson V. Carrasquillo

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Mi Gente!

Another character token, been having lots of fun making these – hope y’all aren’t getting tired of them yet, of my other buddy’s character [this is my take in any case.] An anthropomorphic Ferret who is a Monk.

I don’t get to do too many creature characters so I did have some fun with this ...[ Read More ]

“Havilah’s 5th Enlightenment”

Mi Gente!

Here is a quick scene I made for my buddies of the first encounter of the character Blue Fantom.

Also, this serves as a second character illustration. She will evolve with the story but the final elements are pretty much there.

Thanks for looking!

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