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I just can’t help myself!

Another sneak peek of one of my favorite panels from the FnF’s 5th Panel: the Franqui ‘n’ Friends equivalent to the Sunday strip.

Presented in beautiful Technicolor*

Franqui ‘n’ Friends/F’n’F’s 5th Panel – Coming Soon!

[*not really though, that color’s brought you by Manga Studio 5!]

Sneak peek again,

Mi Gente, this is ...[ Read More ]


TLDR: Webcomic about a charming young lady Named Franqui Shore, her dreams,her qookie friends [including talking animals…!] and surviving the crazy Sci-fi/fantasy alternate reality universe they inhabit…coming out later this month!

Mi gente! [That means “My People” in Spanish one of the FEW phrases I know, haha :/ ]

My name is Nelson V. Carrasquillo and I ...[ Read More ]

Where’s my Franqui Shore!?

(Franqui Shore ID © Nelson V. Carrasquillo)

Hey everyone! Hope all is well with y’all,

Originally I wanted to debut The Franqui Shore Show web comic on 1/12/14 but then I ran into some problems and pushed it to 1/24/14. Obviously, that time has come and gone and yet there still isn’t a web comic to speak of. One of ...[ Read More ]