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Oh Where, Oh Where…

…Have I been?

It sure has been quite some time since I sat down and really gave the ol’ site the attention that it deserves, my people! The journey of my site so far has not been reminiscent the vision I had once put down for it.

That is my fault…

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So aside from commission work, Street Fighter V consumes my life. Haha. Soon it will be Overwatch and SFV so keep a eye out for some fan art of Overwatch too!

If you’re interested in Commissions please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me!

Thanks for looking!

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Commissions are OPEN, Mi Gente!

I Would Love To Work With You!

Please message me or email me:

Re-bloggin is appreciated…you never know I may just do a give-a-way for those who do…OKAY You twisted my arm!

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Table Titans x Franqui ‘n’ Friends

Mi Gente! I’ve been reading and was compelled to do some fan art featuring Val Bronzebottom and Franqui Shore.

If you dig D&D and cool adventures I highly recommend this webcomic!

Anyone else reading it? Any other D&D nerds? 😛

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Mi Gente!This a tonal version of a gift for mi hermano de alma, Terrell. Happy Birthday man!

He gets the full color version cause ya know it’s his gift dang gummit! However, I enjoyed this so much I wanted to share at least this version of it with yall. 

Thanks for looking!

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These were the lines for the Legend Of Korra warm up piece down there. It started out nice then fizzled, good thing it was a warm up!!! First time drawing Korra by the way. 

P.S. The Legend of Korra cartoon is Magnificent! No way around it. 

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