Nelson T. Bear sense something within the Shadowline…YOU!

Mi Gente! 

So. Many. Words. haha

Doing some reworking with the pacing of the comic to match my output and evolving vision…what does that mean??? I just made myself more work hah. 

Keeping on track though. Thanks for looking!


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Mi Gente!

Franqui ‘n’ Friends “Sunday” side strip, FnF’s 5th Panel, is NOW F’n’F’s: Sequential Shorts. here’s #1 for that.

Still the same idea, these will be little adventures that are aside from the main story/theme of Franqui ‘n’ Friends. STILL will be the home to some cheesy jokes, haha. but now I believe I will be doing ...[ Read More ]


Mi Gente!In this Episode of Swift Pixels I show the first step on my latest concept design iteration of the original mascot of my website, Mirafauxz, in Adobe Photoshop. As well as go over a little history on the name of Justifiable Concepts.

Hope you enjoy my little storytime and speed paint…if you wanna ...[ Read More ]

This year marks the 5th anniversary of my #art blog on #tumblr which I named Justifiable Concepts.

But before that, around 2008 or 2009 perhaps, Justifiable Concepts was created in a dark class room at AiLV during a flash class. Tasked w/ making a flash site that was a mock up personal site I somehow ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente! Found a neat little character exercise meme w/ different outfit prompts for your #OriginalCharacter. I randomly picked one and it was the “something outdoorsy”

So here’s #Franqui in her outdoorsy wardrobe…What? It’s Jusifiable.™

#sketch #art #itmakessenseforheruniverse #CharacterIdeation #VisualDevelopment #vizdev #concept #suitdesign #fantasy #sci-fi #spacesuit #outdoorsy #cartoony #stylized #retroinspired #pencil #graphite

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Mi Gente!

A quick character ideation. I call her Matriach, a being who has gone a little mad with the knowledge of the universe. She has peered behind the veil and has come out alive. she is in perpetual meditation as well as ever present in her world. Her duality has led to the ability to ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Here is the first batch of figuring out the next stage in the “Heritage Blade,” – I still have more tweaking to do but i digress. I took the one seen in the first depiction of the re-born Blue Fantom [seen above and highlighted in the round up] and wanted to continue it from there. ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Another character token, been having lots of fun making these – hope y’all aren’t getting tired of them yet, of my other buddy’s character [this is my take in any case.] An anthropomorphic Ferret who is a Monk.

I don’t get to do too many creature characters so I did have some fun with this ...[ Read More ]