Mi gente! Todays #warmup features thr new #WindsorNewton Pigment Markers along side a copic for comparison. These new markers definitely feel different from copic and I will need to dome some more work with them to definitively describe them. Quickie review: dig em. They seem to dry quick so you gotta move fast.

Thanks for looking!

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Mi Gente!

Continuing with some more Franqui & Friends design here is a line up featuring Franqui and her signature dress along with a peek at her friend Meredith in her signature outfit.

I want to make sure that the universe I am creating is diverse, evident here is my attempt to set Meredith apart ...[ Read More ]

A Franqui Study I did based off a technique that I learned from one Anthony Jones’ Gumroad vids, I definitely need more practice with it but it sure seems like something I could get used to and can be quite helpful in the future! Thanks for looking.

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Hola people! Yet another sketch of an image i had in my head and just had to get it out, featuring the Dark Elf chick. I will be doing a digital painting for this sometime soon, there’s a more complete scene in my head but i have other things tend to first, thanks for looking! #Art ...[ Read More ]

So…many…hours…but…totally worth it! Hey mi gente! I’m plugging away on the illustration and I’m nearly 1/3 of the way done… O_0 I’m sure the rest will be a bit quicker. (That’s my delusion and I’m sticking to it!) What do y’all think so far? And as always thanks for looking! #wip #digital #painting #art #franquishore ...[ Read More ]