“Bold Moves, Profound Discoveries.”

Mi Gente!I decided to take my “Franqui Shore walking around in space” colored sketch and continue it to full illustration. Here is the Bare version and the “motivational poster” version.

This sure was a fun one to work on. Very relaxing. I think that shows through in the piece…anywho,

Thanks for looking!

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The Fairytale Collection by The Ninjabot .

Checkout the Kickstarter to see more in the watercolor fairytale themed print series. Funding options and rewards HERE.

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For just $2 you’ll get this High Quality e-zine with 40+ pages of art. Some exclusive to the book and others some favorites from the past like you’ve never seen them before, super high quality!

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So…many…hours…but…totally worth it! Hey mi gente! I’m plugging away on the illustration and I’m nearly 1/3 of the way done… O_0 I’m sure the rest will be a bit quicker. (That’s my delusion and I’m sticking to it!) What do y’all think so far? And as always thanks for looking! #wip #digital #painting #art #franquishore ...[ Read More ]

The Franqui Shore Show #1

The Franqui Shore Show (TFSS)

Hey, Mi Gente!

I just wanted to put out a little more info about this here web comic along with presenting the next installment in TFSS!

1. Strips will run Monday-Friday with a Franqui’s Sunday Shorts appearing at least once a month!

2. Franqui’s world is one where almost anything can happen! (I look forward ...[ Read More ]