Art Tips – How to add colors to a grayscale painting

Art Tips – How to add colors to a grayscale painting

Mi Gente!

If you have about an hour and are looking for a cool way to colorize your digital painting in Photoshop, check out Artgerm’s Video!! 

Well Worth it, I learned something new!



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Just some Kris Anka Psylocke appreciation because as of today, with the release of Uncanny X-Men #1, she’s not wearing it any more. This is by far my favorite design of one of my favorite characters and it’s sad to see it go.

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finally, some new art! things have been so busy! i’ve been working hard on the upcoming artbook, creating exclusive art (it contains 7 new digital paintings, a bunch of rough work and 20 pages of tutorial material created just for the book!). next to that i had some client work to do, so it’s been a while ...[ Read More ]



Gustav Klimt Brought to Life by Photographer Inge Prader.

Austrian photographer Inge Prader recently recreated Gustav Klimt’s masterworks for Style Bible, a part of the Life Ball Charity Event in Vienna, Austria.  A team of over 50 professionals worked on the demanding photography project which raises funds to help those with HIV/AIDS.  Makeup artists, costume designers, set designers, ...[ Read More ]

Drawing Faces [Profile shot mostly] Tutorial by Ahmed Aldoori

Mi Gente! Yet another reason to always look at different people for lessons. I think we can learn from how he broke down the Triangle technique for the profile.

Anywho, sit back and ENJOY/LEARN! [I don’t know why I yelled there but still JUST DO IT!]

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Utilizing Multiple Teaching Sources + Proko’s Muscle Anatomy

Mi Gente!

I am a believer in having multiple teachers. Or in essence “Learning from many different points of view.”

The reason? Well one person’s realization can be another’s confusion. We all process things differently, and though we can comprehend certain ideas or theories put forth by one source we may not fully grasp the idea. This ...[ Read More ]