Mi Gente!

Round 2 of the #conceptdesign from last night. Widdled it down then some variations on those finalist. It’s all about the #Iteration game. Man, I love doing #CharacterConcept #art 😍

Haha thanks for looking!

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Mi Gente!

The recent Color up of Franqui’s latest Character Wardrobe Prompt #15 “Summer Clothes.“

I recorded this one for both my own personal review and well to put it up on Youtube! I’ll let you know when I finish editing it and putting it up for consumption.

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Mi gente!

Let’s continue with some Blue Fantom, shall we?

I wanted to continue to push the design I had done from high school and then from the most recent iteration. Keeping with a silhouette idea, I am seeing what combo of the body suit pattern I like, here’s a snip-it!

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