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Mi gente!In this Episode of Swift Pixels we go over how I go about silhouetted costume design in Photoshop.

Of course we are continuing with the revamping of the old Justifiable Concepts mascot “Mirafauxz,” that crazy alien-elf-with-a-tentacle-tail character that she is!

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Utilizing Multiple Teaching Sources + Proko’s Muscle Anatomy

Mi Gente!

I am a believer in having multiple teachers. Or in essence “Learning from many different points of view.”

The reason? Well one person’s realization can be another’s confusion. We all process things differently, and though we can comprehend certain ideas or theories put forth by one source we may not fully grasp the idea. This ...[ Read More ]

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Mi Gente!In this Episode of Swift Pixels I show the first step on my latest concept design iteration of the original mascot of my website, Mirafauxz, in Adobe Photoshop. As well as go over a little history on the name of Justifiable Concepts.

Hope you enjoy my little storytime and speed paint…if you wanna ...[ Read More ]

This year marks the 5th anniversary of my #art blog on #tumblr which I named Justifiable Concepts.

But before that, around 2008 or 2009 perhaps, Justifiable Concepts was created in a dark class room at AiLV during a flash class. Tasked w/ making a flash site that was a mock up personal site I somehow ...[ Read More ]

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Hello, Mi Gente!Doing a lil’ somethin’ different today, ya know I’m gonna be examining all of the wacky ideas I get for videos, currently, until I find I’ve run out…then I’ll try to fine tune it all, wait where was I going with this again?Oh, Here’s a video I call “Slow Jam,” simply ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

I finally got to set myself down and give the digital painting program Krita a try. This is my result!

Quickie review: Krita, an open source painting application, is definitely an awesome program. It’s a free program that doesn’t feel like a free program. The downside for me, personally, is that I’m such a Photoshop ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Finished up my take on Red from Transistor. I have yet to finish the game but maaannnnn it’s quite charming! Hopefully I can be apart of such visually beautiful and well designed games! Till that time I hope you enjoy this quick little fan art.

I recorded my process and it will be up ...[ Read More ]

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Mi gente!As promised in the description of the previous video here is Episode 01 with Commentary.

Delve into the mind of a looney toon…erm I mean an aspiring artist as he tries to make sense of what they heck he’s doing…will he succeed in his dissertation!? Click to find out. 🙂

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