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Franqui Evolution & 1st site Post!


2014-2015, ft. Merida!



What is up Mi Gente!

I wanted to start off the first Blog posting on my new site with a little bit of an art evolution of yours truly! This time around we visit my longest running creation Franqui Shore!

I always envisioned Franqui to be a girl who isn’t the typical body shape, one ...[ Read More ]

“Harley C. Dubois Pinup”

Mi Gente!

Coming back from Vacation and a bit of a hiatus to present to you the finished pinup of an original character. She’s a risque type of character if ya couldn’t tell, ha.

Oh, she’s also in the same universe as Franqui…who can she be? Friend, Foe, killer fem bot sent back in time to the present ...[ Read More ]

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Mi gente!In this Episode of Swift Pixels we go over how I go about silhouetted costume design in Photoshop.

Of course we are continuing with the revamping of the old Justifiable Concepts mascot “Mirafauxz,” that crazy alien-elf-with-a-tentacle-tail character that she is!

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Hello, Mi Gente!Doing a lil’ somethin’ different today, ya know I’m gonna be examining all of the wacky ideas I get for videos, currently, until I find I’ve run out…then I’ll try to fine tune it all, wait where was I going with this again?Oh, Here’s a video I call “Slow Jam,” simply ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

I finally got to set myself down and give the digital painting program Krita a try. This is my result!

Quickie review: Krita, an open source painting application, is definitely an awesome program. It’s a free program that doesn’t feel like a free program. The downside for me, personally, is that I’m such a Photoshop ...[ Read More ]

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Say Whaaaaaa?

Mi Gente, I’ve finally stopped procrastinating nit picking my video and trying to make it uber flashy above the means for which I understand currently and Posted it up on the Justifiable Concepts Youtube Channel!

Check it out!

Thanks for looking and hey any comments and likes would be appreciated. Let’s start something ...[ Read More ]

“Haven’t you ever had that time in your life that you wish you were bigger than you actually are…that moment when the bully is pummeling a poor kid whose parents couldn’t afford new clothes? Times where YOU, yourself, were getting cruelly beaten on? Those abhorrent moments where you see humanity crumbling under the thumb of ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

The recent Color up of Franqui’s latest Character Wardrobe Prompt #15 “Summer Clothes.“

I recorded this one for both my own personal review and well to put it up on Youtube! I’ll let you know when I finish editing it and putting it up for consumption.

I dig the first iteration of the colored version the ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Here I have for you the final version colored sketch of the Character Wardrobe Meme Prompt 17 “Um, Spring Clothes” and the original pencil sketch that I did.

As you can see I did some fixes on the face and got lazy on the dress XD

anywho, Thanks For Looking!

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Mi Gente! The first image on the top is the final version off the #CharacterWardrobe #meme prompt 9 “Datenight Threads.”

It was quite interesting to try and put myself in the head of #Franqui with regards to this. I’m no vintage fashionista so I definitely had to do my research, haha.

Also, I wanted to achieve that background ...[ Read More ]

“Franqui Reads Comics”

Mi Gente!

Here’s the process and final of Franqui Reading a comic…I sure miss the smell of a fresh new comic in my hands. Digital is nice, but nothing beats the classic in my opinion. 

Based on a vintage photo of the lovely Liz Taylor

Thanks for looking!

Franqui Shore © Nelson V. Carrasquillo

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