original character

Mi Gente!

My goodness what a difference 2 years can make!? I can’t believe the difference in both my ability and how I evolved Franqui.

One day, perhaps, I will do a full retrospective on her and my journey…but for now, please enjoy this comparison.

The Top is the latest iteration I have done of her March of ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Here is the first batch of figuring out the next stage in the “Heritage Blade,” – I still have more tweaking to do but i digress. I took the one seen in the first depiction of the re-born Blue Fantom [seen above and highlighted in the round up] and wanted to continue it from there. ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Here’s the token for the character Blue Fantom. This one depicts her after a particularly hostile encounter which forced her to cut her long hair to be loose from the grasp of an enemy.

Trying to push the face a little more from my “normal” look and not fall into a “usual face” motif. ...[ Read More ]

Mi gente!

Let’s continue with some Blue Fantom, shall we?

I wanted to continue to push the design I had done from high school and then from the most recent iteration. Keeping with a silhouette idea, I am seeing what combo of the body suit pattern I like, here’s a snip-it!

I dig doing this stuff a ...[ Read More ]