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Oh Where, Oh Where…

…Have I been?

It sure has been quite some time since I sat down and really gave the ol’ site the attention that it deserves, my people! The journey of my site so far has not been reminiscent the vision I had once put down for it.

That is my fault…

With the help of my Great friend Grayson ...[ Read More ]

“Haven’t you ever had that time in your life that you wish you were bigger than you actually are…that moment when the bully is pummeling a poor kid whose parents couldn’t afford new clothes? Times where YOU, yourself, were getting cruelly beaten on? Those abhorrent moments where you see humanity crumbling under the thumb of ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Continuing with some more Franqui & Friends design here is a line up featuring Franqui and her signature dress along with a peek at her friend Meredith in her signature outfit.

I want to make sure that the universe I am creating is diverse, evident here is my attempt to set Meredith apart ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Here is a concept re-design of a character that I believe I’ve had since 2001 or 2004? I have re-purposed her for a little something I’m doing with my buddies. Say hello to “Blue Fantom” [That’s the name I gave her back in High School :D]

Thanks for looking!

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“Bold Moves, Profound Discoveries.”

Mi Gente!I decided to take my “Franqui Shore walking around in space” colored sketch and continue it to full illustration. Here is the Bare version and the “motivational poster” version.

This sure was a fun one to work on. Very relaxing. I think that shows through in the piece…anywho,

Thanks for looking!

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“She’s had her fun with her daddy’s T-Bird, but alas it looks like her fun is gone now that her daddy’s taken the T-bird privileges away." 

I’ve had this character buzzin’ around in my head and she’s emerging to be quite the character indeed! Keep an eye out for her antics here and there!

I have some cool ...[ Read More ]