Gustav Klimt Brought to Life by Photographer Inge Prader.

Austrian photographer Inge Prader recently recreated Gustav Klimt’s masterworks for Style Bible, a part of the Life Ball Charity Event in Vienna, Austria.  A team of over 50 professionals worked on the demanding photography project which raises funds to help those with HIV/AIDS.  Makeup artists, costume designers, set designers, ...[ Read More ]

“Harley C. Dubois Pinup”

Mi Gente!

Coming back from Vacation and a bit of a hiatus to present to you the finished pinup of an original character. She’s a risque type of character if ya couldn’t tell, ha.

Oh, she’s also in the same universe as Franqui…who can she be? Friend, Foe, killer fem bot sent back in time to the present ...[ Read More ]

So…many…hours…but…totally worth it! Hey mi gente! I’m plugging away on the illustration and I’m nearly 1/3 of the way done… O_0 I’m sure the rest will be a bit quicker. (That’s my delusion and I’m sticking to it!) What do y’all think so far? And as always thanks for looking! #wip #digital #painting #art #franquishore ...[ Read More ]