Welp, just gonna call this one done, Mi Gente.

On to the next one, gonna practice this colorizing method more.

Thanks for looking!

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Exposure Time!

Mi gente! Long time ago, on a blog, not so far away…I used to doa thing called Exposure Tuesday, which then turned into “Exposure Time” cause…ya know…Tuesday didn’t always lend inspiration.

Well, I want to bring it back…at least one more time!

Let’s take a look at my brother from another mother, Terrell Turner!

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Rocky Road Nymph

Hey Mi Gente!

I always liked telling stories and whenever I feel as though my creative juices aren’t flowing like they should I do figure studies but then try to transform them into something.

So I’m going to try something a little different here and I hope you like it. If you do please let me know…if ...[ Read More ]