Mi Gente!

I’m supposed to be just focusing on getting through this particular episode to the yet to be released comic But I couldn’t help myself…perhaps I should haha. but too late now.

I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again…BOB ROSS TECHNIQUE WORKS for real! That’s right I’m doing digital and the Tapping ...[ Read More ]


Mi gente!In this Episode of Swift Pixels we go over how I go about silhouetted costume design in Photoshop.

Of course we are continuing with the revamping of the old Justifiable Concepts mascot “Mirafauxz,” that crazy alien-elf-with-a-tentacle-tail character that she is!

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“Deep Blue”:

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Mi Gente!In this Episode of Swift Pixels I show the first step on my latest concept design iteration of the original mascot of my website, Mirafauxz, in Adobe Photoshop. As well as go over a little history on the name of Justifiable Concepts.

Hope you enjoy my little storytime and speed paint…if you wanna ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Finished up my take on Red from Transistor. I have yet to finish the game but maaannnnn it’s quite charming! Hopefully I can be apart of such visually beautiful and well designed games! Till that time I hope you enjoy this quick little fan art.

I recorded my process and it will be up ...[ Read More ]

Mi Gente!

Here’s the token for the character Blue Fantom. This one depicts her after a particularly hostile encounter which forced her to cut her long hair to be loose from the grasp of an enemy.

Trying to push the face a little more from my “normal” look and not fall into a “usual face” motif. ...[ Read More ]

“Hey look Franqui actually has legs!” haha. Hello mi gente! Seems like every time I show a drawing of #Franqui it’s a portrait or bust, worry not for she does have a full design. I’m putting to use the awesome #BlueLineArt comic boards my brother @webheadedartist got me for my birthday way back in ...[ Read More ]