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Nelson T. Bear sense something within the Shadowline…YOU!

Mi Gente! 

So. Many. Words. haha

Doing some reworking with the pacing of the comic to match my output and evolving vision…what does that mean??? I just made myself more work hah. 

Keeping on track though. Thanks for looking!


Latest episode of Franqui ‘n’ Friends!

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5th Panel #1 – [Waking Up Late] Works Better Than Coffee.

I loved that last shot of Franqui so much I made it my Avatar on my PS4 profile, ha!

FnF Fun Fact: 5th panel is FnF’s equivalent to a 1 panel [sorta] “Sunday Strip” it’s the place where you’ll find my Cheesiest of jokes or little ...[ Read More ]

The Franqui Shore Show #1

The Franqui Shore Show (TFSS)

Hey, Mi Gente!

I just wanted to put out a little more info about this here web comic along with presenting the next installment in TFSS!

1. Strips will run Monday-Friday with a Franqui’s Sunday Shorts appearing at least once a month!

2. Franqui’s world is one where almost anything can happen! (I look forward ...[ Read More ]