“Tinkerer and The Fist of Awesomeness”

Mi Gente!

Deviant Art is holding a Goblins Vs. Gnomes [Hearthstone] challenge and seeing as it is based in my favorite game at the moment I couldn’t resist giving it a shot. ALSO, couldn’t resist writing up a quick story for this awesome little Gnome. Please read and enjoy.

Thanks for looking!

Years ago a gnome, who would later be known as “Tinkerer,” came into this world. She was a special little gnome for she was born with a partially formed right arm. She took to crafting from an early age, despite only having one hand, opting out of frolicking with the local children. She always felt best when she was tinkering with the gadgets she had made and learning how things were put together.

Some years later, while visiting her loving grandparents’ farm, she happened upon a pile of rocks just outside of their property line. Within that pile, strewn about almost purposefully, were four arcane crystals. Enamored by the objects she reached for the biggest one. As she studied and admired it an adolescent Emperor Cobra suddenly emerged from behind the rocks and lunged at the young Gnome.

She tried to turn and run but the cobra was too quick. It clinched down on the right side of her head and wouldn’t let go. Tinkerer, however, could feel the arcane magic surge from the crystal that was ever so vigorously clenched in her left hand through her body and out the other side. The magic blast slayed the malicious cobra and seemed to save Tinkerer’s life. She gathered the remaining crystals and the carcass of her would be killer and headed home.

Five years has passed and now the remains of the Emperor Cobra serves as armor for Tinkerer and the arcane crystals serve as the base for the greatest gadget Tinkerer has ever made, the one she calls The Fist of Awesomeness!

She fears nothing, and takes on all obstacles.