Utilizing Multiple Teaching Sources + Proko’s Muscle Anatomy

Mi Gente!

I am a believer in having multiple teachers. Or in essence “Learning from many different points of view.”

The reason? Well one person’s realization can be another’s confusion. We all process things differently, and though we can comprehend certain ideas or theories put forth by one source we may not fully grasp the idea. This is why I always look to multiple sources.

Don’t get me wrong it can get convoluted if you aren’t careful, however, I feel that if you are open to “Using No Way as Way” [See what I did there? No? That’s a Bruce Lee reference for goodness sake!] you can find YOUR way of doing things.

I know that finding our own voice is quite heavily preached in the art field but I feel that this philosophy can be held to any endeavor. So with that being said I present to you one of the other people I look to for art education Stan Prokopenko. I feel he can break things down quite nicely and he makes it interesting enough to where you don’t feel like you’re being lectured on the matter.

Hope you enjoy this as well. Subscribe to his youtube for more helpful vids!

Just thought this was good enough to share…what are y’all’s thoughts on the matter?

  • Till Next Time. Peace be with you all!