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Why is it gift art is my best art?

Mi Gente!

You know one of the things I dig doing is creating gift art for those around me who are special or who have exhibited kindness throughout the time I’ve known them.

In choosing to do so I’ve come to realize that with every gift my art grows. Some of my biggest artistic growths come from ...

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Franqui 'n Friends

A FRAN-tasticly Charming Web comic

Follow the Vividly-Imaginative Franqui Shore as she navigates her quest in following her dreams, Fighting her Demons [literally] and learning who she is as a person. Along with her band of quirky friends [which includes talking animals…!] Franqui finds what it means to Learn, Laugh, and Love in this mashed-up Sci-Fi/Fantastical/Slice-of-Life-Passion Project of a Comic!

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