Why is it gift art is my best art?

Mi Gente!

You know one of the things I dig doing is creating gift art for those around me who are special or who have exhibited kindness throughout the time I’ve known them.

In choosing to do so I’ve come to realize that with every gift my art grows. Some of my biggest artistic growths come from these works. It’s almost like the act of altruism triggers my leveling up. To tell you the truth I’m not sure exactly why this is really the case…and well this blog post isn’t really one that’s try to answer that inquiry but rather an attempt to explore this personal phenomenon.

I’m not quite sure what it is but I feel like I focus more or get more creative with certain pieces.

Could it be the fact that I deeply consider putting in symbols that connect to the person on a profound level [or at least try to make it profound] ? 

It’s not only that my symbolism and thoughtfulness seems to shine through, it also appears my technique becomes more thorough and clean. I have been able to truly level up on my craftsmanship after every gift art I have done this year. It kind of puts me into a baffled yet proud mood.

This phenomenon only occurs when it’s not forced [i.e. if someone asks for it,] but by golly is does inform me on how I like to create art for others. Haha!

Well, I guess that’s all I’ll share on this at this time…perhaps I will delve into it some more at a later time.

Peace be with you, always!